John Dailey claims that Kristin's campaign is funded with "dark money"

Mayor Dailey made these claims BEFORE she officially announced and raised her first dollar.

On March 3, 2022 around noon, Kristin Dozier filed the official paperwork to run for Mayor of Tallahassee. At 5pm that same day, she publicly announced that she was a mayoral candidate during a Facebook Live post. John Dailey sent out an email before 4pm claiming Kristin's campaign was "being propped up by ... dark money ...". How do you claim that someone is being funded by "dark money" before they've raised a single dollar?

Dailey's email from March 3, sent over an hour before Kristin announced her candidacy for mayor.
Dailey's campaign email

Kristin’s campaign has been funded largely by small-dollar donors, with 435 individual donors with an average donation of $233. These are Tallahasseans who are fed up with the status quo and want to see a change in leadership, they are not large ominous “dark money” groups. [1]

Mayor Dailey’s campaign is supported by big money donors and Political Committees (PCs), which are convenient when they are supporting him, but when Kristin used a PC to pay for a mailer, it’s “dark money.”

A PC for me, but not for thee!

The fact is, the Grow Tallahassee PC which is supporting John’s campaign, has taken thousands from the Florida Federation for Children, which is partially funded by Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, and Friends of Ron DeSantis. Grow Tallahassee has also taken tens of thousands of dollars from members of the FSU Board of Trustees and others.

Contributions to the Grow Tallahassee PC
Contributions to the Grow Tallahassee PC

Contributions to the Florida Federation for Children PAC
Contributions to the Florida Federation for Children PAC