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John Dailey claims "Kristin got a sweetheart deal" on a house purchase.

This is nothing more than a distortion of the facts meant to distract voters from his own actions.

Kristin's political opponents made a story up about her house purchase, and got it posted in a local political blog in 2017. When journalists at the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper dug into the story, they found nothing improper took place, because nothing improper took place.[1] It was an “arms-length” transaction between her realtor and the seller’s realtor.

Kristin started looking to purchase a home in mid-2014. She gave her Realtor two requirements: one, the house had to be located in County District 5, and two, as a single woman with one income, her budget for a home was $200,000 or less. The house in question met those requirements.

Here are the REAL FACTS about the house purchase:

  1. In November 2009, the house was put on the market for a price of $275,000. [2]

  2. In January 2010, the price was reduced to $265,000. [2]

  3. In February 2010, the price was reduced to $250,000 [2]

  4. In March 2010 the owners took the house off the market. [2]

  5. In May 2014, the owners (not a financial institution) had the house appraised and the appraisal came back at $280,000.

  6. The house was NEVER listed for $280,000. [2]

  7. In July 2014, the house was back on the market at an asking price of $230,000. [2]

  8. In October 2014, the price was reduced to $215,000. [2]

  9. On December 24, 2014, the price was further reduced to $199,900. [2]

  10. Kristin's Realtor scheduled a viewing before New Year's Eve 2014, at which time she informed her about the owner of the property.

  11. ANYBODY could have made an offer around the $199,900 asking price. This was publicly published price by the seller's Realtor. [2]

  12. On January 14, 2015, Kristin made an offer of $195,000 contingent on all inspections.

  13. The inspection was completed on January 26, 2015.

  14. Based on the inspection report, showing the house needed a new roof, water was leaking into the basement, and was in need of additional repairs, Kristin Dozier worked with her Realtor, who asked for repairs to be completed before closing.

  15. On February 11, 2015, the seller's Realtor submitted a counter offer of $188,600 on condition the buyer accepted the house AS-IS with no repair work to be completed before closing.

  16. February 12, 2015, all parties signed the counter offer.

  17. Kristin closed on the house on February 19, 2015. [2]

To reiterate a very simple fact: the price of the home at closing was only $11,300 below the listing price and reflected the price reduction for the condition of the home. Kristin's Realtor communicated and negotiated with the seller's Realtor.


1. "County Commissioner Kristin Dozier to sell house she bought from developer Burnette" Tallahassee Democrat, October 12, 2017.

2. Sales history from Zillow for the house that Dailey claims Kristin got a "sweetheart deal". Retrieved August 8, 2022. Photos, address and link to Zillow redacted by request of current owner of the house in question.

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