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Dozier for Mayor of Tallahassee

Mar 10, 2022

One week ago, I announced I'm running for Mayor of Tallahassee! I’m excited to have this opportunity to run and serve you and our neighbors. I look forward to working together to make the City we love, even better.

We’ve received overwhelming support in the last week, thank you! It’s clear people want a new voice in City Hall. We deserve a Mayor who listens to all voices, one who will look for solutions that benefit our entire community, not a privileged few, and a Mayor who will keep our community moving forward.

As your Mayor, I will work with people from every corner of our community, listen to your perspective so together we can solve the challenges we face today. And I will work to end the divisiveness that has held us back and damaged the people's trust in our city government.

Tallahassee is a great City and together we’re making progress, but sometimes it feels like we’re taking one step forward and two steps back.

On February 24th, I sat in City Hall and listened to speaker after speaker implore the Mayor to keep $27 million of our tax dollars working for our entire community, but your voices fell on deaf ears. With so many other pressing needs, he made the decision to invest in a stadium.

You work hard and you should be able to count on us to work for you, even if you’re not the loudest voice in the room.

As Mayor, I will lead the effort to ensure we spend our economic development dollars to serve the whole community, as I have for more than a decade. Together we will work to attract good paying jobs; jobs you can depend on to help your families, and employees who will help your business grow. If we do that, we will improve our quality of life.

I’m grateful to those who have supported me on the County Commission. This is the next step in our journey, and to those of you who I haven’t met, I look forward to hearing what’s on your mind. I want to hear from you!

To join our campaign and show your support, please visit our website to sign-up to volunteer and make a contribution.

Thank you and I look forward to working together to make the city we love, even better.

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